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Our intention is not just to help you stay relevant in the industry, but also to enable you to identify patterns and perceive the world through the lens of a designer.

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Islamic Worldview

All our initiatives and lessons aim to reconcile Islam and Design, with the ultimate goal of bringing you closer to God rather than solely focusing on material outcomes. In this way, our efforts in education and business can be transformed into acts of worship.

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Take courses tailored to specific career paths you aspire to pursue. Our catalog and team are dedicated to continuous growth and improvement.

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Message from the Instructor

Greetings! After working with dozens of clients worldwide and running a company with a team, I found myself discontented with my internal state. I've always sought truth in my work and personal life - a steadfast principle I could rely on in our rapidly evolving world. Learning software was easy for me, but understanding the principles and philosophy of running a business was a different challenge. What meaningful contribution could I make with the powerful tools at my disposal, like my laptop and iPad? Each UI/UX design expert I followed seemed to lead me from one place to another, until it was suggested that this constant chaos was simply the nature of the industry. However, after a period of existential questioning and exploration of various worldviews, I found my answer within my own soul.

My aim is not to introduce novelty into Design, but rather to interpret it in a way that resonates with my soul, and to share this experience of drawing closer to our creator. Every action we take, from conducting our business with grace to pursuing an education that stirs our soul, serves as stepping stones towards the ultimate goal of earning His pleasure. Regrettably, in today's world, our work and designs are often driven by materialistic and nihilistic motivations, a trend that deeply concerns me. If you have any questions or concerns about this initiative or the platform, you'll find numerous links to contact me throughout this website.

May God's peace be upon you!

Mohammed Haashir

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No. We do not encourage passive learning because it goes against the nature of our approach. Our course materials are designed to be interactive and engaging. If you want to experience a trial, we recommend accessing the full experience for at least a month. Providing access to the full experience incurs costs for us, especially with our live sessions and other membership benefits. We have implemented a gateway to ensure that those who are unsure about investing in this initiative can take an calculated decision.

We don’t offer scholarships at the moment. However, we may offer waivers under exceptional circumstances. Kindly explain your situation here and we’ll write back to you when we have an answer.

No. If you are skeptical of the value we offer, we recommend you to purchase the monthly plan and access the full experience to make an informed decision. We also post several walkthrough videos of our platform on our YouTube channel that you can refer to in order to see how our platform works from the inside.

No, our membership welcomes individuals from all faiths. When we say ‘Design from an Islamic Worldview,’ we don’t mean designing exclusively for Muslims or Design from Islamist Worldview. The Islamic Worldview is about embracing the tradition of seeking the Truth, which not only brings material prosperity but also peace and meaning to our souls.

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